Before and After – Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover

A few years ago I was looking to add a coffee table to our TV room. We had chosen, originally, not to have one to keep the space as open as possible for horsing around and laying around. Once the boys were older I thought it was time for a table to support feet and drinks. To my surprise, I found exactly what I wanted in a thrift shop. The furniture and built-in cabinets in the TV room were golden oak and somewhat Mission style. 

Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeove,

$45 Canadian Bucks!! When I got it home I discovered it was by a Vancouver furniture designer, Sklar Peppler. Good quality and well made. I decided to leave the finish with its few bumps and bruises. Sprayed the knobs light gold for a little contrast. 

Let’s leap forward to the present.

My new place is all cool greys with purple touches and black wood pieces. See my fireplace makeover  – Easy Fireplace Mantle Upgrade. I  looked for a coffee table but nothing quite did it for me. Glass and chrome? Silver? Mirrored? 

Then I had a lightbulb moment!

The only thing wrong with the current table was the color. Easy to fix that. Time for a Sklar Peppler coffee table makeover! So I sanded off the existing finish, painted two coats of Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Black then made a pearly glaze. I hoped the glaze would lightly silver the solid black finish.  I approximated the wood grain with the pearl gaze and careful brush strokes.

Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover,

After the glaze was dry, I finished with two coats of Varethane Water Based Diamond Wood Finish in semi-gloss. I sanded the knobs and spray painted them silver. (I may change them out for crystal knobs in the future. )

Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover,

Finished Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover

Sklar Pappler Coffee Table Makeover,

Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover,

So, for a quart of paint and a couple of days work my thrift shop find got yet another life and I got the coffee table I wanted. 

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Sklar Peppler Coffee Table Makeover,, #coffetable makeover #furnituremakeover #furniturerefinish #refinishfurniture #sklarpeppler #rustoleumpaint #varethane #thriftshop #thriftshopfind #coffetable #fearlessDIY

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  1. I love how a little paint can change a whole piece of furniture. It's cheap and easy to bring a fresh look to an old table. Love that the coffee table is not classic!

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