Easy Sparkling non-alcoholic drinks with a secret ingredient. 

Earlier in the year, I posted about a lovely Grapefruit Gin Fizz. One of my wonderful readers commented that the drink sounded good but they didn’t drink alcohol. I thought “Hey! I have some really yummy drinks for that too. ” So here we are with delicious sparkling non-alcoholic drinks.

The secret ingredient is vinegar. Not any old vinegar. I get these fantastic flavored balsamic vinegars from Olives On Tap. We have a store in North Vancouver. My favorites for drinks are the Mango flavor and the Coconut flavor.  Two or three Tablespoons in a tall glass with sparkling water and ice and you have a sweet, tart refreshing drink.  My favorite way is to make it half mango and half coconut.  Delicious and thirst quenching on hot days.

Easy, Sparkling Nonalcoholic Drinks, www.moderngillie.com

Another fabulous vinegar non-alcoholic drink is mixing a fruit shrub with sparkling water. I introduced this in my post on blackberries (Delicious Recipes for Blackberry Season). Shrubs can be made with nearly any fruit. I find berries work best. I have used blueberries which are awesome with the vinegar. The vinegar draws out the berry flavor beautifully. I was introduced to shrubs with a recipe that used cranberries. It makes a nice addition to a Thanksgiving evening, is a festive drink for your guests who prefer something non-alcoholic,  and a spoonful is lovely in a glass of champagne.

Easy Sparkling Nonalcoholic drinks, www.moderngillie.com

Basic Shrub recipe for east sparkling non-alcoholic drinks

2 cups fruit

1 cup cider vinegar

1 cup sugar

For hard-skinned fruits (like cranberries) heat just to a boil then let sit in the refrigerator for several days. For soft-skinned fruits, like blackberries, it is not necessary to bring to a boil but heat may be needed to get the sugar into solution.  Strain the mixture and store the liquid in a jar in the refrigerator. Add 2-3 Tbsp to sparkling water.

easy, sparkling, nonalcoholic drinks, www.moderngillie.com Enjoy these lovely, easy,  sparkling non-alcoholic drinks in the last days of summer and all year round for something different and refreshing. 

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Easy, Sparkling, Nonalcoholic Drinks, www.moderngillie.com, #olivesontap #balsamicvinegar #cidervinegar #nonalcoholic #nonalcoholicdrinks #nonalcoholicbeverage #fruitdrinks #summerdrink #holidaydrinks #drinkrecipe #sparklingwater

25 Replies to “Easy Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Drinks”

    1. I love making and inventing cocktails for guests and it’s great to make those folks who don’t drink alcohol feel special. Instead of saying “there is some soda in the fridge” I can say “oh, I have something special for you.”
    1. I can’t help feeling a little smug when I mix one up. Delicious and healthful doesn’t happen together too often.
  1. What a refreshing idea! You mentioned in a comment about freezing fruit in ice cubes and then adding them to the different types of sparkling drinks. After that, all I could think about was how amazing that would look in those beautiful Chrystal glasses. Definitely a recipe I will try!
    1. They are pretty. My mother kept them in a cupboard and never used them. She gave them to me and I try and use them often.
  2. These drinks look so beautiful, refreshing and healthy at the same time. Recipes are easy to follow and great if you don't drink alcohol. I will definitely try these. Thanks for sharing.

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