Eyelid Lift Surgery Recover Timeline.

3 months ago I had eyelid lift surgery at the 8 West Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Vancouver.  Take a look at their Instagram for cool videos @8westcosmetic. Check out the first part of this experience in this post: Blepharoplasty or Gillie gets Eyelid Lift Surgery  Here I share some before, during and after photos and my eyelid lift surgery recovery experience.

The first 3 photos are presurgery. The recovery was not difficult or painful. I followed the post-surgical instruction by applying cold compresses often, sleeping in a more upright position and resting in a laid back position for the first few days. No working on the computer.

Right after the surgery my son, and driver for the day, and I went to Starbucks for a coffee before starting for home. That is how well I felt post-surgery.  I had my sunglasses which hid my eyes very well. I reclined the seat and laid the cold compresses I had been given on my eyes for the trip home.

I was to avoid activity that raised blood pressure such as lifting weights and bending over but I was able to walk the dog every day with no trouble. We didn’t do any climbing trails and took the first week slowly. Hennessy didn’t mind because the heat had arrived and  I had no problems and just wore my sunglasses.

Sunglasses are part of the eyelid lift surgery recovery plan. Find a pair that make you feel great!

I found some inexpensive sunglasses that were a lighter tint so that I could wear them indoors without tripping over everything. The surgery was on a Thursday and the following Tuesday I ventured out with my younger son to Costco. Sunglasses and a swipe of bright lipstick and I was a diva!

Eyelid Lift Surgery Recovery, www.moderngillie.com

As you can see from the slideshow there was swelling and bruising for about a week. Dr. Buonassisi used flesh colored dissolvable stitches which were basically invisible. There was almost no pain. Any discomfort was the sense of weight that came with the swelling. By the end of the day, the area would feel achy. I believe I limited the bruising and swelling with regular application of cold compresses. The sleeping with extra pillows is very important for keeping the swelling down. Days, where I fidgeted off the pillow arrangement during the night, led to a noticeable increase in swelling. This was true for easily the first month after the procedure.

I am very happy with the result. Was it as life-changing as my total knee replacement? No. Am I pleased everytime I look in a mirror? Absolutely. Plus I was experiencing headaches with eye ache before and those have disappeared. I assume the extra material resting on the eye was causing this ache. I was also very delighted that the surgery did not trigger a migraine.

Before Surgery

Eyelid Lift Surgery Recovery, www.moderngillie.com

After Eyelid Lift Surgery Recovery

Eyelid lift surgery recovery, www.moderngillie.com

The eyelid lift surgery recovery wasn’t long or painful and I think the results are worth the cost and the discomfort. I’m still me, only better.

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    1. Yes it was. Once the bruising clears up you can hardly notice because of where the surgeon puts the incision.
  1. Wow. You look amazing! Glad that the surgery went well. Thank you for more information about this kind of surgery.
  2. Wow! There is a notceable difference! Thanks for sharing this experience so we are all informed about it as an option and what to expect!
  3. Wow! What a difference. You look like a new person - although I note you had this done ages ago now! 😀

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