My Updated Pinterest Board Cover Tutorial to help you easily make covers in your style.

I was looking around for ways to improve my blog stats. The suggestions were to make new pins for existing blog posts, which I do occasionally when I decide I am unhappy with the aesthetics of a pin and the other was to make board covers for my Pinterest boards. I have delayed doing this because a while back Pinterest wasn’t going to continue board covers or something along those lines. It appears that this was incorrect and/or out of date information.

This is not as daunting a task as it first appears. We have at our disposal a number of excellent online graphic design programs that make doing this fairly easy. My preferred program is Adobe Spark. This is not to say there is anything wrong with Canva or Pic Monkey. I have used both with terrific results. For my purposes, I find Adobe Spark more intuitive.

Check out this post on making blog post images using Adobe Spark.

Join me for a Pinterest Board covers Tutorial with Adobe Spark.

Go to and log in. Press the + button at the top of the page.

On the next page select “create new graphic”.

On the next page I use “Start from Scratch”  you can scroll around and pick an image you like too.

Pick any image shape/size. We will adjust that later.

You can upload your image or pick one of the free ones available.

A note on branding. I have found branding somewhat limiting. I like to work with images and fonts that speak to me. I try to keep a style that works with the particular blog post idea and the photographs I am using.  In my blog posts, I use all my own photos. Sometimes they don’t work with the colors that I consider to be my brand colors. Rather than change the particular aesthetic to conform to my brand I prefer to let the photos and story direct the styling.

For my Pin covers, I decided to pick an image that appealed and work with it colorwise.

Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial,

Now we arrive at our workspace for our Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial

The ideal size for Pinterest board covers is 238 pixels wide by 284 pixels tall.

Click on resize at the bottom of the right sidebar. Scroll to the top and you will see “custom” (second from the top). Click that and enter the above numbers

Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial,

Next, click the text box and click the pencil image to edit the text.

On the right, you will see many options for styling the text.

You can play with the font, color, shapes etc. by clicking on the menu at the right.

Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial,
The text button gives you access to the font menu and allows you to fine tune spacing and opacity and attach a second text style to the image.
Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial,
The colors button allows you to play with the colors. Its helpful that Spark suggests compatible colors but you can choose whatever you like further down the menu.
Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial,
The Shape button lets you change the shape and style of the text background.

Once you have the image and the text you can name your project using the “my Post “ on the upper left. Then go to “Download” on the upper right. The image is saved to my Download file on my computer. I find this way quicker for moving images around than using the share button.

Now we leap across to Pinterest….as we continue the Pinterest Board Cover Tutorial

Now open your Pinterest profile. Click the red  +  circle at the upper right to make a new pin.

Upload your image and save it to the appropriate board.

Go to that board tile and click the pencil.

Update on posting Board Covers

2021 Clicking on the edit pencil on the lower right of the board cover pulls up the edit function. Now at the top is the option to change your board cover.

I then flip back to Adobe Spark, edit my text in the existing image to a new board name, download and do it again. Now I have matching Pinterest Board Covers. (Note: I didn’t do a matching one for my blog’s board so it stands out)

Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial.

It’s that easy.  I hope you enjoyed this Pinterest Board Covers Tutorial. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

And don’t forget to pin this for later.

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  1. This is so informative, thanks for sharing!!! Wonderful resource for anyone who wants to 'up' their blogging game
  2. I wondered about these! I've been seeing them more and more and had no idea on how to make them!! I would love to try it out!
  3. Thank you for this information. Well presented and clearly written. I didn't know we could change the board covers on Pinterest. I know what I'll be spending my day doing!
  4. Such good information, I love when people create covers for their boards to make them cohesive. Thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to give this a try.
  5. This is very helpful for any blogger who is on Pinterest and your images are eye- catching. Love the play with colors, I personally struggle with it a lot.
    1. There is so much to learn but happily the internet is not going anywhere so we can take the time to learn. I am glad this helps.
  6. This tutorial is super helpful! I've been slacking on developing my Pinterest, so this was fantastic for teaching me ways to develop board covers. Thanks!
  7. I know this is something I need to do, but I have been hesitant to do it. It always seemed like so much work, but with your tutorial I feel more confident in getting it done. Thanks!
    1. It is a bit of work but once you have a graphic you are happy with its just a matter changing the titles and pinning it. I'm glad I could help.
  8. I have been using canva for all my artwork/images/graphic like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. this is a nice option to have. Thanks for such an informative post, which covers everything in detail. Will try out for sure.

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