Cutting gift ideas for sewers and crafters are certain to please.

I was trying to update my Christmas wish list and realized that the items I was longing for might be just the things other creative folk were hoping to find under the tree. It can be tricky buying gifts for sewers and crafters. Our needs can be very particular. I am certain that you can’t go wrong buying something that cuts. As a sewer, I am always using scissors to cut fabric, paper patterns, and thread. There are cutting devices for all of these. When I am crafting I am cutting paper, ribbon, plastic, tape….the list goes on.

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If you are unsure about what to buy you can’t go wrong with a gift card or certificate to a sewing/fabric store that carries scissors.

Cutting Gifts,

Scissors are the best cutting gift ideas.

The one in the graphic above, a perfect stocking stuffer,  is the extremely useful  5 inch Knife edge by Gingher  

You can’t have too many. These are only a few of mine for sewing and embroidery. I use the Gingher Thread nippers all the time.

cutting gifts,

If your sewer or crafter is a lefty, scissor buying gets tricky. Proper lefthanded scissors have the blades reversed.

cutting gifts,

For lefty scissors when you hold them in your left hand the left side blade, which is the one that cuts downward, should be the lower grip. Be warned ther e are scissors that claim to be lefty where they have only put lefty comfortable grips on right-handed scissors. My mother is a lefty so this is a situation I have been in.  I want your cutting gift ideas to be a success!

Cutting Gifts Ideas: Sharpen the scissors

Another option is finding somewhere that sharpens scissors. They are always getting dull. Newly sharpened scissors….sigh ….so nice!

Rotary cutters are another sewing favorite.

cutting gifts,

They are available in various sizes and have neat accessories. This one is nice – Fiskars 60 mm Rotary Cutter. The accessory I find most useful is the seam allowance guide that lets me add seam allowance as I cut.

cutting gift ideas,

This one may surprise you. cutting gifts,

Yes! a hammer and chisel. An unusual Cutting Gift Idea.

For cutting buttonholes cleanly a chisel is the way to go. The sharp corner of the chisel fits right into the edge of the sewn buttonhole with no risk of cutting the threads provided I am wearing my glasses.

For crafting is like these scissors that do decorative edges. They can really dress up a little paper project.

cutting gifts,

You can find similar ones here. These are great for kids too.

My other recommendation is …

cutting gifts,

I have had this guillotine for 30 years an use it nearly every day. Printable PDF sewing patterns are the big thing and trimming them prior to assembly is often necessary. One like this Swingline is an investment but very worth it.

Some other suggestions: Pattern weights, cutting mat, a long straight edge ruler, Cricut machine.

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  1. My mom is a quilter and she has a lot of these gadgets already. I loved the meme about the fabric scissors . . . I've definitely heard that threat before LOL!
  2. i have one of those rotary cutters for when I was attempting to make a onesie quilt. I got as far as cutting the material into pieces but haven't had the time (nor do I really know how) to put it together to make it one big quilt. I didn't even know there were so many different sissors for different things, this was very enlightening!

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