These old trays have been hanging around for a while. They are beaten up and don’t match anything. I decided to upcycle a wood tray to match my current decor. This is an easy project that takes several days only because there is a fair bit of waiting for stuff to dry. I had everything I needed leftover from other projects except grout. I was able to find unsanded grout in a small tub that was exactly enough for the tray.

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I gave the tray a light sanding then started to paint it silver. The brush on paint left very visible brushmarks so I switched to my favorite spray paint.

Another good use of this silver spray paint for the knobs on the coffee table.

Next, I used up some leftover tile to upcycle my wood tray.

upcycle wood tray,

This tile was leftover from my bathroom renovation. It is so pretty and iridescent. I cut the tile to fit the tray and spread a thin layer of No More Nails. That was the adhesive I had on hand. You can get tile adhesive at your hardware store.

upcycle wood tray,

Let the grout set for a few minutes then wipe away the extra on the surface.

upcycle a wood tray,

Keep wiping the tile until it is shiny and be sure to wipe down the rest of the tray. Let the grout dry overnight.

You will find that the finished tray is quite a bit heavier than the original. Not a drawback, necessarily but something to keep in mind when choosing your tray to upcycle.

Keep an eye out at your local thrift shops for trays that could have a second life. Tile leftovers can be found at places like the Restore.

Here is the finished upcycled wood tray styles for cocktails.

cocktail tray,

Don’t forget to pin this for later.

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