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Vancouver is an amazing city. You can play in the mountains then go to the beach all in the same day. We also have a lot of microbreweries that turn out some terrific beer and small-batch distilleries, creating unique liquors. If you were looking for another excuse to visit this great city, a tour of the breweries and distilleries is a good one!

One of these distilleries is right on the North Shore, where I live. Sons of Vancouver. They make vodka and amaretto. My Mum and I had a chance to taste these at a farmer’s market. I tasted an itty bitty Caesar made with their chili vodka and wowzer!! It was great. I have had hot Caesars made with horseradish or siracha, but this one, with the chili vodka, was a step or two above those. I think the way the vodka extracts the capsicum must create a unique flavor and heat experience. It was not a biting, sharp heat, rather smoother and rounder while still being very hot. According to the Sons of Vancouver website I was experiencing “scovilles upon scovilles of local aquaponic chilies”. It was delicious.

Simple Chili Vodka Caesar to tempt you.

 chili vodka caesars

Yay Canada!

I have read that the Caesar was invented in Canada in 1969. Yay Canada! There isn’t exactly a recipe as this is a cocktail you can make with all sorts of combinations and ratios. The standard base is, I believe, 8 oz of a tomato and clam juice base such as Clamato and 2 oz of vodka. Then make it value-added with horseradish, tobacco, Worcestershire Sauce, Siracha, Chipotle hot sauce (this is a good one), or whatever else takes your fancy – even bacon. It has become fashionable to go crazy with the garnishes, too, but it is all about the beverage.

A very tasty addition to your chili vodka caesar, I recently discovered, is Maldon Smoked Seas salt. Add this to the rimming mix for a burst of smokey flavor.

Chili Vodka Caesar. Vancouver Style
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  • 1 oz Sons of Vancouver Chili Vodka
  • 1 oz Russian Standard Vodka or Pickle Vodka (recommended by Dana, manager of Toby’s Liquor store)
  • 8 oz Motts Clamato or similar mix
  • Splash of Lime juice
  • Rimmer blend with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt
  • Garnish
  • Ice


  1. Mix Rimming salt. Rub rim of glass with lime and roll in the rimming salt. Add ice
  2. Stir Vodkas and lime juice into Mott's Clamato and pour over ice.
  3. Garnish as you prefer (simple celery stick or lots of stuff like shrimp, olives, salami, etc)
  4. Enjoy the heat!

I have made great Christmas gifts using this chili vodka. A cute reusable shopping bag, rimming salt, 6 pack of little Mott’s clamato cans,  a lime, and a small bottle of the Chili Vodka. They were very well received.

You can find out more about Sons of Vancouver Chili Vodka here   

For more fun, the distillery also has a lounge where their mixologist will create marvelous cocktails to tempt you. Check it out.

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  1. I am a huge Bloody Mary fan. This looks delicious. Was it extremely hot? My tummy doesn’t do too well if something is on fire. We have some pepper vodka but it just has the pepper flavor and not the heat.

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