A review of my Costco Clothing haul athletic leggings and stretch pants.

Allow me to apologize to anyone who grew up in the ’70s for any re-traumatization brought about by the words “stretch pants.” For those of you who missed that fun fashion item: in the 70’s the fashion industry developed a stretch polyester knit fabric that came in many unbreathable, scratchy, unflattering to every skin tone colors. My personal favorite was the patchwork denim print. This fabric became the ubiquitous stretch pant, often part of the sassy belted pantsuit with very fake brass buttons and lots of tabs (on sleeves, shoulders, and pockets). This fabric could develop enough static electricity, in the dryer, to run a small city. Every sock in the household would be stuck to it and require protective clothing to disengage the highly charged items from each other. When the Girl Scouts got rid of the old cotton uniforms for new polyester knit dresses it was too much. I lived in fear that all of us together would somehow reach fusion with all the static electricity between us. Happily, the stretch pants from Costco are not like these pants from the past.

Usually, I don’t want to talk about clothes unless I sewed them. One of my rules for sewing is that if I can’t buy the fabric for what the item costs, then its worth considering the purchase. Quality athletic knit fabric yardage, with the same quality as many ready to wear leggings is tough to find, and it tends to be pricey.

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Cougar print leggings Costco Clothing

My son and I are regular shoppers at Costco. Every 2 weeks we are there for meat, dairy, and other staples. Our assault on Costco is efficient and well-practiced. There is no browsing and no wandering up and down aisles that are not relevant to today’s list. We go straight to our listed items then hit the tills. Last month we deviated (gasp) from our usual plan because son #2 was looking for a coat. We stopped at the tables of Costco clothing. I got distracted by the athletic wear.

Grey Cougar Print!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see some very cute leggings in a grey cougar print in my size. They are made by Tuff Athletics, in Canada. They are a durable SUPPLEX fabric that is thick with good compression. There is a zipper pocket at the back waist. The tag also states the fabric is 40+ UV protection factor. I chose the XL. The fit is great. The waist is comfortable, high, and firm. There was no rolling over and very little migrating during activity. I wore them first for a 2-hour dance class and was very impressed with how comfortable and breathable they are. (There is video proof but it won’t be seen here.) These leggings cost $19.99 – a bargain!

leggings back pocket Costco Clothing www.moderngillie.com
zippered back pocket
inside waistband Costco clothing
The waist can be snugged up with this stretch ribbon on the inside of the front waistband.
stitching Costco clothing
excellent flat stitched seams – inside and out.

I was so impressed I went back and bought the plain black ones (there were burgundy and navy also).

black Tuff Athletics leggings
black leggings Costco Clothing
Ready for a hike with Hennessey

While I was looking at the piles of Costco clothing I saw some nice looking pants. The fabric had a subtle grey pattern that looked very elegant. They are a polyester knit and are very well made. I chose the size 16. The Dalia pants were $17.99. Once again, I couldn’t buy the fabric for that price. The pants fit nicely and are narrow without being skinny.

A little video. I couldn’t just walk around and laughter is encouraged!

Dalia Pants interior finishing Costco Clothing
Nicely finished waist seam.

The leggings and the pants have been through several wearings and washings with no visible loss of quality. My only complaint is the sizing stops at XL for the leggings and 16 for the pants.

Next time you are at Costco looking at those vast tables of Costco clothing don’t wonder if the price is a reflection of the quality.

My experience with the leggings and pants is that the clothes are inexpensive and well made.

Costco clothing haul pin, www.moderngillie.com

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  1. That is a great price for compression leggings! I wish we had a cosco near me! Growing up we had a nice one and my parents would often get me clothes there. I love going with them because they often had food samples by the freezer cases!
    1. I didn't used to be fond of stretch pants and leggings but moving to the West Coast brought about a lifestyle change. All the outdoor activities are made so much easier with a bit of stretch.

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