Add a zippered sleeve pocket to Jalie 2212 Multisport Top

I took the leap and sewed clothes for Christmas presents this year. My younger son’s fiance requested leggings and I obliged with some spectacular holo fishscale ones that delighted her. (Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs. A terrific pattern) For both boys and the other fiance I did versions of the Jalie 2212 Multsport top with a sewing hack to add a pocket. I got the fabric at Fabcycle in Vancouver. Fabcycle gathers deadstock and sells it. Deadstock is the fabric from manufacturers that would otherwise end up in the land fill.

I picked up a merino wool with a techy sport wicking fabric fused to the wrong side. Gorgeous and light weight. I also found this deep teal bamboo fleece. I won’t buy bamboo from a retail store because while bamboo is a sustainable crop the process by which it become that gorgeous soft fabric we love is NOT sustainable. The deadstock comes at sustainability from another direction which makes me less uncomfortable buying bamboo from Fabcycle.

Sewing hack – not hacking. Finessing

I don’t care for the word hack because it implies something inelegant and most sewing hacks are clever and elegant. But we are sometimes slaves to SEO so sewing hack it is.

The sewing hack I did on the Jalie 2212 multi sport pullover is to use the yoke and upper sleeve seam to add a zippered pocket to the sleeve. The pattern is perfect for this.

I cut the inside pocket piece 1 cm longer so I could sew it to the correct side of the zipper tape.

We walk dogs at all hours and ride our bikes so I decided to add another sewing hack. Reflective tape is easy to add to seams for a little extra visibility.

Once the sewing hack pocket is in place then attach the lower front and lower back sleeve pieces. Serging makes a sturdy pocket seam.

The sleeves are finished with stretch lycra binding. I love this stuff because it is soft, stretchy and has no bulk.

zippered sleeve pocket Jalie 2212

I didn’t forget to add reflective tape to the back yoke seam.

I hope you enjoyed my sewing hack of the Jalie 2212 Multisport Pullover. I highly recommend this pattern. I made four different sizes in three different fabrics and they all looked great and fit well.

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  1. What clever changes, and what beautiful stitching. I'm always unsure when working on knits that I won't stretch out the fabric. What kind of machine are you using?
    1. Knits can be a dream or a nightmare that way. I use a serger with differential feed for the seams then regular machine for the top stitch. I reduce the pressure for the pressure foot so it’s not stretching out the fabric. You can also use a walking foot.

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