Brian’s Original Cheesy Fried Breadlets

My father passed away about 18 months ago. My father was a busy, creative guy. Trained as an aeronautical engineer he could build or fix anything. He was also a terrific artist and kitchen inventor. I plan to share some of his recipes with you. Join me for his wonderful breakfast upgrade.

The only meal my father would cook was breakfast, otherwise, he liked to work on one thing – bread, soup, sausage or wine. You name it he worked on perfecting the experience. Sausage, porridge, bread and more could be improved. He also created some truly excellent soups (which I will definitely be sharing).

That is not to say everything was a success. He would disagree but I think the fruit wines, by in large, were nasty. The sole exception was the Damson Plum wine which was something the gods would have squabbled over.

Cheesy Fried Breadlets

Onto the Cheesy Fried Breadlets. These are small crunchy goodies which go well with scrambled eggs for breakfast. They are loaded with butter and cheese which would excite any breakfast lover.

Here is a delicious scrambled egg recipe – Cheesy Scrambled Eggs your Kids will love

Just Stir….

Fiddle and stir the cheesy fried breadlets around the pan and the will gather all the cheese. Don’t step away at this point because the cheese can scorch quickly.

Cheesy Fried Breadlets
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  • Toasting Bread
  • Butter - softened
  • sharp hard cheese - like cheddar


  1. Trim crusts from a slice of bread (optional)
  2. Butter one side
  3. Carefully cut the slice into strips as wide as the bread is thick, trying not to flip any.
  4. Cut the strip into squares.
  5. Chances are some will turn over but the idea is to make sure each square has butter on at least one side.
  6. Heat a 10 inch skillet to medium and plop in a generous knob of butter. Wait for it to foam.
  7. Carefully slide the bread cubes into the pan trying to have the unbuttered sides on the bottom.
  8. The cubes will rapidly absorb the butter.
  9. Mess the cubes about, shaking and flipping so they are a light golden on all sides.
  10. Grate the cheese (about 1/8 cup per slice) onto the bread and stir as the cheese melts.
  11. As you stir the cheese will prefer to stick to the bread rather than the pan.
  12. Check the taste, add more cheese if necessary. let the cheese cook a bit more until a little crunchy.
  13. Serve alone or with your favorite eggs.

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