There is a lot of quarantine sewing going on right now. Many people who have never sewed or rarely sew as well as regular sewers are churning out masks.  There is also much other sewing going on. I would like to share my current faves. I have chosen these patterns particularly with less experienced sewers in mind because they are easy, go together quickly without fitting issues. (One day I will do that designer boucle jacket knock off…but not yet) The patterns and fabrics are all available online.

There is a lot of talk about “selfish sewing” ie. I sewed something for myself rather than masks or for family. Personally, I don’t see that as selfish sewing. I see it as necessary sewing. Nurturing ourselves is vital in order to be able to nurture others. Sewing beautiful clothes that fit, from fabrics that speak to us, is self-expression that we can wear around every day.

Patterns for my Quarantine Sewing

As you know from my previous post on my Costco Clothing Haul I appreciate quality athletic wear. There are online sources for excellent fabric and patterns for making my own unique athletic garments that have made quarantine sewing exciting and fulfilling.

Patterns 4 Pirates is an online Indie pattern company with excellent, creative,  patterns for children, men, and women of all sizes. Downloadable PDFs.

Peg Legs from Pattern 4 Pirates. This pattern is FREE with several add ons that are also free.  It is a terrific athletic leggings pattern. I “hacked” a side pocket but there is a downloadable add on for that. There is a contour waistband, which is fantastic and maternity add ons. It is an excellent pattern, the instructions are thorough, and it is beginner-friendly. Moreover, you don’t need a serger to work with the athletic fabric. A simple zig-zag stitch will give you a super pair of leggings. I have made these 4 times for me so far. One pair is bike shorts with a sewn-in chamois from Aerotech cycling.  The fit of these is excellent and somewhat dependant on the fabric used. The printed tie dye from Fabricana and the black from Dress Sew were fine in the XXL. The Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts ended up very snug at this size so I went up a size for the other piece I got from Halo Fabrics. These were fine but the legs from mid-thigh could be a tad narrower.  I see many more of these in the future.

Patterns for Pirates PegLegs Athletic leggings
Bike shorts with view of chamois

SOS Pants from Patterns for Pirates. This is a pull-on pant pattern that is very close-fitting. It can have skinny legs or straight legs. Unlike the Peg Legs it has a side seam and can be made with a knit that stretches less than you need for the Peg Legs. I have made this twice using the moto hack (LOVE LOVE LOVE) the second pair had only 2-way stretch which alters the fit/feel significantly – still love them. Stick with 4-way stretch to be sure of a great fit. Perfect for my pandemic foraging outfit.

2 pairs SOS pant from Patterns for Pirates with moto hack

Once we can travel freely and , hopefully, the Canadian dollar is a bit stronger I want to order the 4-way stretch suede from Mood Fabrics and do another pair of SOS Motos. So not quarantine sewing at that time but awesome to look forward to.

Greenstyle Creations have excellent athletic wear patterns. Downloadable PDFs.

Power Sports Bra. This bra is fantastic. It has fitting options galore. Band 28-46 and cups A-H. I have made the Strappy Cross back and have a Strappy U-back in the camo on my cutting table.

I also want to give their Endurance Bra a try. It zips up the front and should be good for high impact activities.

Here is a little trick. The Power bra instructions have you stitching clear elastic at the upper edge. Clear elastic is the chiffon of elastics. It does not do what you want and wanders all over the place. If you thread the elastic through to gap on the presser foot you can corral it and it will make adding it so much easier.

trick for sewing with clear elastic

Ellie and Mac is an online pattern company with fun creative clothing that lets you play with colors and patterns. Every Wednesday they do a Wacky Wednesday sale where select patterns are $1. What a great way to pick up a few to try out. Downloadable PDFs.

Eliie and Mac Creative Hoodie – I have made this twice and used the overlapping cowl collar on another hoodie instead of a hood. This is another excellent pattern with easy to follow instructions.  And once again a serger is not necessary. You can have a lot of fun with the color and pattern choices.

All the fabric from these hoodies is from Fabcycle in Vancouver. Some cotton, bamboo and polyester. All deadstock and all super cozy.

No quarantine sewing is complete without lingerie

Ohhh Lulu Lingerie has many patterns for every taste. I found the instruction thorough and easy to follow. Downloadable PDFs.

Delphine thong. I never thought I would be making my own underwear! It is SO much easier than you would think and there is something so fine about wearing sassy black mesh underwear that you created!!!. These do take a lot of FOE (fold over elastic). Note to self stock up before the next quarantine.  This pattern is a great way to use up your scraps.

4 Delphine Thongs. various fabric

Fabric stores – online

Many of these small fabric “stores” carry a little stock and do pre-orders where they have designs that you can choose then once the preorder closes they send off to the printer for the amount of the order. It takes up to 2 months to receive your order. Once you see some of the fabulous makes with these items you will understand why we are willing to wait. These makers have Facebook groups for their stores where everyone is posting their creations. So many creative and beautiful garments.


Halo Fabric Addicts – excellent fabric. They do a variety of knits and woven. I love their Butter Athletic.

Blended Thread Fabrics – just placed an order with them for their latest pre-order of Linen looks.

Fabricana – coming soon


Sew Dynamic Fabrics*. They carry Repreve in solids and custom prints. Repreve is made from recycled plastic bottles. I haven’t ordered from them yet due to the weak Canadaina dollar but I plan to in the future.

Gorgeous Fabrics – She brings the garment district to you. Fantastic fabrics and great customer service.

Alex LA fabrics. He is on Etsy and his fabric is fabulous. Take a look and dare to dream. One day I will buy the rose gold snakeskin spandex. I have purchased a holographic fish scales and a glitter stretch velvet and they were everything I had hoped.

Many of these do custom print pre orders and well as carrying retail fabrics. These are a fun way to have some unique fabrics. I have a huge list of Canadian online fabric stores. Let me know if you want a copy.

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  1. I have several friends who are sewing during this time. I wish I had a sewing machine to finally give it a go.
  2. I agree with you! I don't see it as “selfish sewing” as you describe it either, you have the right to protect your health. Sewing takes time and the fabric and materials to make masks are not cheap. I made masks for myself and my household. If someone else wants a mask from me I would charge a fee. If people are calling that "selfish" for doing so, then they are trying to guilt trip us into giving them something for free. They would have to pay if they found the same item in a store, right? That type of manipulation is selfish and they are trying to take advantage of the situation and you.
    1. The “how much I charge versus how much some people want to pay” is a common topic in my sewing FB groups. I sold some masks but to people who understand the value.

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