The Covid-19 crisis has been very hard on small businesses. I constantly look for opportunities to support my local small businesses. The internet makes this easy and sometimes you can have a really pleasant surprise that allows you to find an awesome new product from a local small business. I saw Rootside Soda’s post on Instagram and was intrigued. They are located in Esquimalt, British Columbia and were offering free shipping across Canada for their mixes. I was very interested in their cocktail mixers.- particularly their Cardamom Citrus Tonic Water Mix. Check out their “Our Roots” page.

Fresh, Exotic Cocktail Mixers

Cardamom Citrus Tonic Water sounded fresh and exotic. A different flavor for a tried and true favorite. I had to try it. Their Ginger Beer mix and the Rosehip Lemonade mix were my other two must haves from their selection. I like Ginger beer and I could see a Moscow Mule in my future.

The bottles arrived promptly and were very carefully packaged. Just look at those gorgeous labels. Who could resist such lovely artwork?

I use San Pelligrino sparkling water for my mixes but if you have a carbonator you can use that water too. I followed the instructions on the bottle. There are 13 drinks per bottle. That would be 2 Tablespoons of the cocktail mix per drink and I guarantee that that amount packs plenty of flavor punch.

Moscow Mule with Ginger Beer Mix

2 Tbsp (1 oz)Ginger Beer Mix, 1/4 oz (basically a splash) lime juice, 1 1/2 oz Vodka (or whatever you like in your Mule – preferably from a local distillery), sparkling water to taste. The Ginger Beer Mix is great on its own and has a good amount of that ginger bite that I enjoy. In a cocktail its great. Apparently we are not supposed to serve these in the pretty copper mugs so they are for show.

moscow mule with ginger beer mix cocktail mixers

Gin and Cardamom Citrus Tonic

Splash Photo

I am generally a gin purist. Simple and dry is the way I like my gin. This applies especially to gin from our local boutique distilleries because they have some delightful and unique flavors. I am blown away by the flavor of the Cardamon Citrus Tonic mix. They manage to have the dry bitterness of the quinine meld beautfully with the slightly sweet citrus and cardamom.

1 oz (2 Tbsp) Cardamom Citrus Tonic Mix, 1.5 oz Gin (preferable from a local distillery) and 4-5 oz sparkling water, Garnish.

gin and Cardamom Citrus Tonic cocktail mixers

Splash photography make a serious mess but this cocktail is going to be my go to drink this summer.

I am also enjoying the Rosehip Lemonade Mix with sparkling water. I haven’t made it into a cocktail yet but there is a tasty looking French 75 recipe on the Rootside Soda site that will happen soon.

If you live in Canada give Rootside Soda a try. You will not be disappointed and if you are unfortunate enough not to live in Canada, be adventurous and see what your creative local small business have going on. There are so many clever, inventive, business people that need our purchasing power working for them. Have fun and Enjoy!

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  1. This cocktail mixer looks delicious and is an excellent refreshing summer drink for sure. The best part is they are easy to make at home and requires fewer ingredients.
  2. You're right that we should always support small businesses, especially in times such as these! I'd love my gin cocktail in a copper mug!

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