Paw wax,

I have never been like other people. I was raised by very English parents in Illinois. I spoke with an accent, could read before I was 4 and never seem to see things the same way other people do. I laugh when I should cry, cry when I should laugh, and have a dry, sarcastic, English wit.

My mother is a knitter, seamstress, beekeeper and RN. My father is an Aeronautical Engineer and an artist. Between us there is not a problem we can’t solve.
I am a molecular biologist and ethicist. I took a break from science to be a SAHM and had the opportunity to use all my other talents. Artist, seamstress, furniture refinisher, house painter….the list goes on. I have so much fun!


Somewhere in there, I raised two amazing young men, coaching their soccer teams,  getting us through the difficult (understatement) teenage years, multiple sports, a divorce and now enjoying their adventures in University.  My youngest (20) recently returned from four months studying in Amman, Jordan. Exciting!

I recently downsized from a house to a townhouse. I am servant to two cats and mistress of one big lovely dog. I vacuum a lot!

I became a Zija Independent Distributor in April 2016. Their products are excellent. The Supermix had been life changing – reduced fibromyalgia pain, increased energy and better sleep. 

I enjoy writing and after I finished my Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics I decided to treat my blog with some respect and to seriously share some of my expertise and adventures in fearless DIY (#dofearlessly).

Join me please and have some fun and ask questions. I look forward to getting to know you.

cup of tea,