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3 Easy Non-alcoholic Holiday Drinks

  3 Easy Non-alcoholic Holiday Drinks with Améo Essential Oils This time of year we are often looking to spice up our Holiday Menu. A variation on our usual beverages is a great way to change things up without going to great lengths. I am a Zija Independent Distributor. Our line of Améo Essential oils are [...]

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5 Great Gifts for Gardeners!

Here in British Columbia we are putting out Christmas lights and, if the rain would let up, putting some bulbs in the ground and in pots for a pretty  display in the spring.  My son and I were once again squabbling over his Japanese garden knife and that got me thinking about Christmas gifts.  There [...]

Christmas Day Breakfast

A marvelous breakfast Christmas morning is one of our cherished traditions. Huevos Rancharos is a favorite. This year I made eggs Benedict and French toast sausage rolls to dip in syrup. Of course there is also Mimosas and Irish coffee. It's wonderful to have traditions that everyone values and guests can enjoy.