Sewing mojo gone. Just like that!

I was planning my sewing projects for the next few months. These would be clothes for me. Then my mojo just went poof. Fortunately sewing for Sasha Dolls is still fun. I promised myself that I'd get one new outfit a week into my Etsy shop and mojo or no mojo I am sticking to it. This [...]

1 molar sodium chloride day

In the lab there are days where early on nothing goes right. Rather than waste valuable experimental material I would put all the important stuff aside and make 1 M NaCl solution. Basically things you can't screw up and if you do the cost is small. The lab can always use the simple solutions so [...]

Inde missing

Worrisome news. Inde is missing. I haven't seen him since Friday morning, December 11. A neighbor saw him on her step Saturday morning. Nothing since. Keeping our fingers crossed.