FSG 1663 wool coat, www.moderngillie.com

Finished FSG 1963 wool coat.

The finished wool coat. Winter is upon us with unusual enthusiasm, this year. I made this coat to wear in Toronto where is is usually much colder than here (North Vancouver). I was pleased to get this coat out and wear it here. It occurred to me that I have committed the unpardonable sin of [...]

Homemade bread

6 cups flour plus extra as needed 1 Tbs sea salt 2 Tbs honey1 pkg yeast2.5 cups warm (37C) water2Tbs butter, margarine or Crisco goldThis is not a 1 hour from start to finish loaf. I like 2 rises so the yeast can start digesting the flour. The kneading activates the gluten which makes the texture of [...]