post surgery knee,

At home after knee replacement

Post surgery knee replacement I had some minor complications with the anesthesia and hydromorphone. It came down to lots of nausea and vomiting. So not fun and very difficult to manage nutrition plans.  There are three things to focus on for good recovery. Rest, rehab and nutrition.    I wasn't sure if I could manage [...]

4 days post new knee

Post Surgery The surgery went well. My memories are fuzzy which is good. The only thing I really remember during it was the sound of someone banging in railway ties. "TING, TING". I don't know what was going on and don't feel the need to know.    Prep was very calm. Lots of cleaning to [...]

Countdown 1 week to new knee

1 week to go. It is very distracting. I can't focus on anything creative. So...I'm taking care of all the little chores that need to be done and don't require creativity. You know.  Those thingies that hold the screens on the windows that get broken.  Requires more of the thingies and a screwdriver. Next came [...]