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The Last Sweater.. continued from my previous machine embroidered sweater post

I am on the last handmade sweater. I chose an Urban Threads ( machine embroidery design from their Painterly collection. It is a loosely stitched design which will be pretty on the knitted sweater.

Machine Embroidered Sweaters in Progress

Machine Embroidered Sweater 1Machine Embroidered SweaterFinished Machine embroidered sweater

I have trimmed the stabilizer on the back close to the edge of the designs. I also trim the water soluble stabilizer on the front to limit the potential for goo in my washing machine.
These sweaters get washed on the gentle cycle in warm with regular detergent. I splash some cleaning strength white vinegar into the rinse slot as knits like the low pH.

 Finished and ready to donate

machine embroidered sweaters

Here are the handmade sweaters all machine embroidery complete.

Ready to have the sides joined up.

All different colors and sizes.
What a fun project!  I hope the kids like them.

Shawn Knight Systems Inc
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Finished Machine embroidered sweater